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The Society Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Will The Kids Of New Ham Learn How To Farm?


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Netflix’s Society season one finale has left the audiences asking for more. The intriguing plot of teenagers of West Ham trapped in an alternate world will keep you glued to your screens till the very end of the series.  Audiences are eagerly waiting for season two to calm their chaos regarding the series. Here’s all you need to know about the second season of Society.


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As of now, no release date hasn’t yet been finalised, but we can expect the season two to be released later in the year of 2020.


All the major characters of the show will be returning. Chaske Spencer, who portrayed the role of the bus driver, Mr Pfeiffer, will also make a comeback in the second season. Only Rachel Keller, whose character was shot dead won’t return most probably, as well as Seth won’t be making a comeback.  But can we be sure about it? You never know what the show might surprise us with.


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At the end of the finale of season one, it wasn’t clear if the parents knew where and how the teenagers went missing. We only saw a wall written”we remember them ” on it and the names of the disappeared teenagers of the town were inscribed on the wall.

Season two will be providing answers to many unanswered questions which includes how the teenagers ended up in the alternate world and if they would be able to overcome their obstacles and free themselves from this puzzling world. It will be interesting to see who all are going to make out alive at the end.

Kathryn Newton (Allie), told ET,” was made by the finale,

I wanted Allie to be in power, but you know I learned a lot from Allie… I mean the way she’s all-knowing all of a sudden. She’s going to let them come to her, I think. That’s what I believe!”

“I feel like she can’t trust anyone… maybe Grizz? I love Grizz! I feel like Grizz and her – they’re going to come up with something, He’s still team Allie, I feel like.”

Creator Keyser said to Metro.Co.Uk about the future of the show and how long the show will run”

 “We don’t have it all worked out, but we have lots of ideas about where we want to go. We’re on our cliffhanger right now.

“I think that it’s a large cast, no one comes in from the outside, those alliances and power-sharing all shift, and there are lots of places to go. In some ways, the whole world is open to us; these kids are in their world. I don’t just mean the politics of it, but the relationships, all of that stuff. We’re reliant on audience demand, but we’re ready to provide that. We also have an end in mind; we know where we want to go to.”

However, keeping in mind that the series might release in later this year, we hope the trailer to drop anytime soon.

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