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GTA 6 What Can We Expect In Game Play? Will This Game Release On PS 4 Or It Is Waiting For PS 5?


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‘Grand Theft Auto’ the name just evokes a lot of emotion, maybe from our childhood play with friends or watching professional gameplay of it.

The game bought us a new dimension of entertainment and with its every version the makers of the game put in a ton of efforts and revisions to give its players the most excellent experience.

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And with the list going on, the rumours had made way for its upcoming version or GTA6. Yup, A new plot and more characters await you. Swipe up to know about the game you’ll need to know. 

The Release

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Getting you back to the days when GTA5 got its release in 2013, Rockstar was on full focus kept aimed at Red Dead Redemption 2. So focused that the works for GTA6 took almost a year to get started with its development.

A leak said recently that the game would see its release in late 2020 or early 2021, during those periods. But the former would make the team strain a lot on their deadlines. So the latter is much expected.

And also twitter was found with some tweets suggesting a rumour of the teaser that’ll probably get youtubed this year. 

The Platforms

The previous one – GTA5 got us enjoyed in PS3 and Xbox 360, and further improvements in the game were made later which were brought to us on the next versions of PS and Xbox.

But this time, the crew is solid on not to repeat it. Only one version that’ll undoubtedly get its release in PS5 and Xbox X-series. 

The Gameplay

So where’s the plot going to take place? This is one of the essential elements to make a note on. A few days back, It was revealed to the online players that the upcoming game would have its set in vice city, the relished sets in GTA3.

There are also other suggestions for where the game should be from the fans. But let’s wait for what the team has for us all. 

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