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Tom And Jerry Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, And What Are The Exciting Fan Theories A Fan Must Know??


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Tom and Jerry Movie: Release Date

April 16, 2021, would have seen the release of the new Tom and Jerry movie. But Warner Bros. Pictures later announced that they would release the movie on December 23, 2020.

Tom and Jerry Movie: Cast

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The new Tom and Jerry movie will feature Chloë Grace Moretz as Kayla, Michael Peña as Terrance, Ken Jeong as Jackie, Rob Delaney as DuBros, Pallavi Sharda as Preeta and Jordan Bolger as Cameron.

Brian Stepanek of Young Sheldon’s fame will voice the character of Tom, the cat. The movie will also include Patsy Ferran and Colin Jost in other roles.

Tom and Jerry Movie: Plot

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The lead live-action role of Kayla, “teams up with Tom to stop the pesky Jerry from ruining an important event for herself.” Terrance, Kayla’s boss, is the human antagonist of the film.

Tom and Jerry Movie: What Are The Exciting Fan Theories A Fan Must Know??

April 2015 saw the hints of a new Tom and Jerry feature film. Originally, Warner Bros. was going to make it fully animated.

In March 2019, the production house announced that Tim Story would direct a live-action/animated Tom and Jerry film.

Tom and Jerry get kicked out of their old residence and take refuge in a fancy hotel. The movie will feature a wedding event that is important to Kayla’s career. She has to get rid of Jerry’s nuisance at the hotel where the wedding will take place, or else she will be sacked from her job by her boss. To do this, she teams up with Tom to catch Jerry. But is Jerry the real problem here? Or is the boss Terrance the one who needs to be caught?

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Fans of the franchise have also thought of an alternative plot for the movie where Tom and Jerry first meet. Initially, they are at loggerheads with each other but eventually grow to care for the household. They become friends and save the household from ruin.

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