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Mortal Kombat Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Will It Follow Old Concept?


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It is a very tricky thing to commercialize a video game into a movie, and only very few franchises have been able to successfully pull this transformation. Although the first two “Mortal Kombat” movies were not widely acclaimed, they did perk the interest of even the non-gaming community.

Twenty years after the release of these movies, the fans of the original game were blessed with the news that there is going to be a reboot movie of their favorite game very soon.

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So, when is the movie set to launch?

The shooting of the movie commenced in September of last year, and if things go according to schedule, the movie is expected to hit the theatres of the USA on March 5th, 2021. However, with a global pandemic affecting all the markets out there, the movie’s release date might be pushed further back.

What is the movie about?

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Although an official synopsis hasn’t been given by the producer of the film, we can definitely expect it to follow the storyline of the game. Warriors from different parts of the world will enter a tournament that will now decide the fate of the Earth. The movie has already been announced as an R-rated film, so we can expect the movie to stick to the original gore levels of the game.

Who are the cast and the crew?

Source: gamewatcher.com

This movie will be the first directorial debut for Simon McQuoid, who will be assisted by Greg Russo as the scriptwriter. James Wan was signed as the producer for the movie back in 2015, and he had promised to the fans in a Comic-Con panel discussion that the fatalities in the movie are going to get more real than life itself. 

A cast list for the movie was announced last year itself, and it included the following list of actors playing the roles of iconic characters from the video game: Joe Taslim will play the role of Sub-Zero, Ludi Lin will star as Liu Kang, Sisi Stringer will don the avatar of Mileena, Jessica McNamee will appear as Sonya Blade, Hiroyuki Sanada will do his part as Scorpion, Josh Lawson will be Kano, Chin Han will be playing the role of Shang Tsung and we will have Mehcad Brooks and Tadanobu starring as Jax and Raiden respectively.

So far, an original trailer for the movie hasn’t been released, but we can expect the trailer to drop anytime around this June or July.

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