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Kingdom Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything A Fan Should Know


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With Netflix dropping the second season of the much-awaited South Korean action thriller, K-drama fans and binge-watchers alike are eagerly anticipating the third season. Those who have successfully binged on the six episodes of the apocalyptic zombie drama’s second season will have to wait a while since there are no confirmations of a third season.

When can we expect Season 3?

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The first season came out on January 25, 2019, with Netflix releasing the second season on March 13, 2020. Going by this, viewers can expect a third season in mid-2021 as the dramatic ending of the second season leaves no other option.

What is Kingdom about?

Netflix’s first South Korean original series – Kingdom, follows the Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon) of the kingdom of Hanyang, and the political takeover he finds himself embroiled in. With the ill-luck of being born to one of the King’s concubines, his claim to the Crown does not hold weight, and his ties to it are fast waning with a little brother – the son of his stepmother, the new Queen – on the way. With a dead king’s resurrection marking the start of the epidemic, Prince Chang defects and runs away to join a coup against the King, but doing this throws him to the zombies – literally. Having to stay hidden in towns overrun with zombies, the Prince goes back and forth between protecting himself and his kingdom and trying to stop the zombies. He makes allies to help find a cure and kill all the zombies.

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The Queen’s thirst for power knows no bounds as it is revealed in the season finale that she had been faking her pregnancy and had, in fact, taken a newborn babe from a pregnant peasant woman. Prince Chang, too faces a nasty surprise when he finally gathers all the zombie-apocalypse survivors – hordes of evolved zombies attack them, and seemingly are now able to come out in the daytime.

A Quick Recap

Season 2 opens with the Prince battling zombies as well as the Taiwan Cho Clan, who has usurped his position and labeled him a traitor. The Prince is stuck in Sangju with the survivors who now have to fend off the multitudes of daylight-resistant zombies. They are forced to flee back to the fortress with the realization that they do not have enough resources. The Prince decides to remove Cho Hak-Ju and take back his throne, and then with enough power and resources, defeat the zombies. The Queen is still busy with her nefarious plans. More information on the resurrection plant that started the whole saga is also gained.

Spoilers Ahead

The second season ends with Prince Chang killing all the zombies and the infected, and abdicating his throne to his younger brother – who is actually his faithful servant Muyeong’s son. The Little Prince has survived being bitten by the zombies after Seo-bi saves him by dipping him in water till all the worms leave his body. Prince Chang tells the officials to record him as dead so that the Taiwan Cho Clan does not cause more trouble and leaves the baby under the care of his trusted men to make sure no political upheavals take place. He leaves the kingdom with Seo-bi and travels to find out more about the resurrection plant in all the areas it grows in as they suspect there is more to it than meets the eye, and they come to realize that the distribution of the plant might have been a plot to destroy the kingdom.

The search leads them to the north in the Hamgyong province, wherein a deserted village, Seo-bi comes upon the resurrection plant, and soon after, an infected person runs towards them. Bells are observed tied on his feet, and in the concluding scenes, we see a room full of infected people kept in boxes, surrounding a mysterious woman. The child King, too, seems to be infected as a worm is seen making its way up to his brain.

What can be expected from Season 3?

The ending of season two raises several questions regarding the plant, the worms, and the young King’s soon to be infected status. The motives of the mysterious woman, in the end, are questionable at best since it is still not certain whether she is behind the zombie epidemic in the country. All of these will definitely be answered in the next season. There is a lot of scopes since the series is based on the webcomic ‘The Land of the Gods’ by Kim Eun-Hee and Yang Kyung-il.

The Cast

The mysterious woman played by Jun Ji Hyun is likely to return as a possible villain for the third installment of the series. Other cast members who will likely return are Ju Ji-Hoon, Bae Doona, Kim Sang-ho, and Ahn Eun-Jin.

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