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Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And What Spoilers Are On Internet


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Want to watch some Japanese Manga series! Then we would highly recommend you watch the Death Note series on Netflix. However, if you have watched the series, then you must be waiting for Season 2! So here are the details on Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer for the new movie

For the people who don’t know much about the Death Note series, in short, the series is famous for its amazing and simplistic storylines. As you know, Japan-based Animation series are best among the animation industry! So does as Death Note series is as well.

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Death Note Season 2 – Release Date

Although it is confirmed news that Death Note Season 2 is happening, there is no news regarding the release of the new movie yet!

Death Note Season 2 – Cast

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However, there are no many release date details given for the new movie!

But, talking about the cast members, it seems we may get to see Mamoru Miyano will likely return as Light Yagami with Kappei Yamaguchi as L.

With them also other characters from Death Note, Season 1 will be returning for the second season as well.

However, we will soon be updating you as more quickly if any updates get unveiled! So for that, stay tuned to our site for more future updates.

Death Note Season 2 – Plot

In the first season, we saw that the new owner of Ruk’s Death Note is Minoru Tanaka, who is a high school junior student.

Talking about Minoru, he was a brave high school student in Japan. Also, we saw that Ryuk and Minoru’s meeting lead to the conclusion that they’ll postpone their plans for two years.

So, after two years, Minoru and Ryuk created the most significant havoc the world has ever witnessed.

Then Minoru decides to give up the notebook and tried to sell it to get rid of it.

Not something Light Yagami would expect, but it seems to be an exciting move. This has been the speculated plot so far. More is still a Mystery!

Death Note Season 2 – Trailer

As we mentioned above, the new movie is under production stages! So, we may have to wait for the release of the trailer for some time.

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