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Castlevania Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Who Is The Captain?


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It is officially Confirmed! The most popularly known adult animated web television series Castlevania Season 4 is all set to arrive in Netflix for sure! Here are the details on Release Date, Cast, Plot and Fan Theories you should know about Castlevania Season 4.

Castlevania Season 4 – Release Date

After making a huge hit with its three seasons in Netflix! Now, Castlevania season 4 will be making its way to Netflix for sure!

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As there is no exact information regarding the release date for Castlevania Season 4 but if we look at their release cycles!

Usually, it takes over 15-16 months for filming and releases new seasons for the movie!

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So, by looking at that Castlevania Season 4 will also take about 16 months to complete its production!

So, we can expect to see Castlevania Season 4 may arrive in the second half of 2021.

Castlevania Season 4 – Cast

If we talk about the casting for the new movie! It is said that Richard Armitage will return to voice as Trevor Belmont.

Stars like James Callis who apprised as  Adrian Tepes, Graham McTavish who apprised as Vlad Dracula Tepes.

Emily Swallow who apprised as Lisa Tepes will be returning for Castlevania Season 4.

Also, a report from a popular Hollywood source says that this time we will see a new voice actor namely Bill Nighy who will apprise as  Saint Germain for the new movie.

As you know Graham McTavish was the man behind the voice of Dracula in the series, but as he is dead! So, fans will not be hearing from him ever again.

Castlevania Season 4 – Plot

Castlevania Series is based on the adaptation of Konami’s video game series developed by the same name.

Dracula’s curse and the story follow Trevor Belmont and his struggle against Dracula and his minions from whom he has to save Wallachia.

Some fan theories say that we may get to see a crossover of Castlevania with the devil May Cry Series!

It is also said that all of the major major characters from the previous season will play their part in season 3, and along with them, fans will get to see some new faces as well.

A woman with brown hair and a vagabond, which according to Inverse, could be Grant Dynasty.

Castlevania Season 4 – Trailer

Castlevania Season 4 is in its early production stages! So, we may have to wait for the trailer for Castlevania Season 4.

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