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Vampires Season 1 Air Date, Cast, Plot, Is The Trailer Out? And Here Is The Trailer Breakdown


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 A French Netflix Original, Vampires Season 1 is to be aired on March 20, 2020. The psychological horror drama has six episodes in the first season and depicts the new obsession of the world: Vampires.

A very cliched show that runs on the essence of Vampires and drama, the story looks upon a teen grappling her life whilst trying to hide her true identity.

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Doina lives with her siblings and mother Martha, who runs a tight ship and keeps a continuous check to keep her and her children’s vampirical identity concealed.

Martha gives Doina pills to suppress her vampire genes, but the teen daughter decides to rebel and what follows suit is a part of any expected Vampire drama.

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The show obviously has a voltage of graphic scenes including bloodshed and nudity and also very reliable. Classic Netflix cliff-hanger. However, the plot can be easily guessed after the first few episodes and forms for a very grimy conclusion.

Vampires Season 1: Who Is a Part of the Cast?

The first season sees Oulaya Amamra as the protagonist Doina, Suzanne Clement as Martha, Pierre Lottin as Rad (Sibling), Kate Moran as Csilla Nemeth and Aliocha Schneider as Ladislas Nemeth.

Vampires Season 1: Breakdown of the Trailer

The trailer for the Vampires Season 1 has already been released. The trailer is intense and thrilling, as is the season. However, it is easy to make a guess of the events due to its cliched-ness.

The trailer opens with Doina surpassing her existential crisis after she gets noticed by a boy she likes (or maybe loves). After an incident in a school lab, that leads to the boy’s hand bleeding, Doina loses her senses and her thirst for the blood increases.

She once again falls into the vicious cycle of discovering her identity as to who she is. She realizes she is becoming “one of them, like my mom”.

Moving ahead, we see Doina’s brother reassuring her that they are like their father, who was a human and not like their mother, who is a vampire.

So, we come to the conclusion that Doina is half-human and half-vampire. Her mother, in the next scene, provides her with pills to suppress her vampirical genes. But Doina rebels and a series of events lead to her downfall and an increasing thirst for blood. Watch season 1 to know what happens next.

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