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Thor: Love And Thunder Air Date, Cast, Plot, And What Spoilers Are Out From Trailer??


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Well here’s a fan delivering news about marvel to all the other fans out there! He’s worthy, and SO ARE WE! Now all the viewers loving that physique even when the tummy peeped out (C’mon folks! HE WAS GRIEVING!!) hit me up because some new is awaiting your way.

Hoot away as I announce the return of our only THUNDER GOD Chris Hemsworth for THOR four the sequel ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’! At Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Kevin Fiege presented the upcoming movie while finalising Taika Waititi as the director! This means that Hemsworth isn’t done with MCU, Valkyrie’s return as the new Asgard Queen and our pretty lady Natalie Portman will be the Lady Thor. Demands her power folks!

Are we expecting wonders from Thor 4?

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Now talking about the expected, there have been whispers by Fiege about LGBTQ theme being shown in the film. Valkyrie is being considered to portray the part while finding a helping hand, her partner in ruling Asgard. The plot will also harp around Jane Foster and Thor as they haven’t been together since a long, long time after Ragnarok. We’ll see the pass of powers from Thor to Jane as she is supposed to be the new ranger!

What is the release date for THOR: Love and Thunder?

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Source: youtube.com

As all of us have been waiting for it, the release dates read November 5, 2021. Not too long before we see God again. MCU will have a new story to tell since the period is long. The fact that Taika Waititi would direct Thor: Love and Thunder was confirmed days before he came onstage for SDCC 2019. This is Taika’s second time playing in the Thor sandbox; He also directed 2017’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ which, guess what? WAS INCREDIBLE!

Who are all a part of THOR: Love and Thunder?

No announcements regarding new casts have been made; there are the same old but our treasures in the movie for sure!

  • Natalie Portman as “Jane Foster”
  • Chris Hemsworth as “Thor”
  • Tessa Thompson as “Valkyrie”

Where does the plot follow in Love and Thunder?

The plot will lay focus on Jane Fosters Thor image. This ran from 2014 to 2018 (she was briefly Thor in a 1978 “What If?” storyline but that didn’t go anywhere). The story’s timeline will definitely come after’ Avengers-Endgame’. It raises a certain question though!

Chances are we’ll see Lady Thor wielding Mjolnir in another universe. This could be done to explore connections to other Phase Four movies, as the first film after ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’.

THOR: Love and Thunder Trailer?

No trailer is out as of now.

Hope you all don’t stay awake thinking about the suspects! Jane might also join in as the fifth Avenger, who knows?

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