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Spider Man 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Can We See Tom Holland Doing Romance?


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When MCU rebooted Spider-Man for the third time in this century, expectations were high from them. Two solo movies and $2 billion of business later, MCU showed what they were capable of.

Refreshing the entire concept, Marvel created the most comic accurate friendly, neighborhood hero Spider-Man. Casting Tom Holland as the teenage version of the hero, their success was immediate.

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Will there be a Spider-Man 3?

The emotional attachment fans have had with the latest version of Spider-Man was exhibited when the news broke out Sony, and Disney has failed to agree on a new deal. The ownership of Marvel’s most successful superhero is a complicated matter. Sony owns its T.V. rights while Marvel is in charge of its merchandise right.

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So far, the two houses had to work together in agreement. The news which broke out last year cast a huge doubt over the future of the character. Luckily on September 27, Sony announced a third film to be released produced by Kevin Feige.

The official date of release has been confirmed as July 21, 2021. This would mark Spider-Man’s debut in MCU Phase 4 as well.

Who is expected to return to Spider-Man 3?

Fans would perhaps burn down Marvel Headquarters if Tom Holland does not appear in this movie. So you can go to the theaters with eyes closed, expecting him to return with his web-slinging skills.

He will not be far from home with Jacob Batalon (Ned), and Zendaya (M.J.) assured to be by his side. Marisa Tomei, as Aunt May and Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan, are also going to appear.

Where will Spider-Man 3 head?

Fans of Marvel can be assured of never being disappointed by them. There has been no information about the plot of the upcoming movie from them, although Tom Holland might let us know something later on.

Irrespective of any leaks, fans will be excited to know what happens to Peter Parker when his identity is revealed. The movie will also be likely to explore his relation with M.J. and how he models himself after the death of his mentor.

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Is the trailer out?

The filming is yet to begin, which means there won’t be any trailers until January of 2021.

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