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God Of War 5 Is Getting Delayed Due To Corona Virus? Or It Is Waiting For PS 5?


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God of War 5 Release Date

God of War 5 is directed by Cory Barlog. According to the reports and rumors that are spreading the release is on the table. The audience has been trying to gain an official announcement on this one.

But looks like Santa Monica isn’t ready to reveal much yet. We heard about the conversation of Barlog and Kotaku about Barlog’s idea of five new games but he rejected the news later. Looks like Santa Monica requires more insight and help to combat and other mechanics and how to punch down the enemies.

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The gamers are eagerly waiting for the below-mentioned games which top the lists.

  • Marvel’s Spiderman 2
  • Uncharted five
  • God of War 5

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In the previous season, it was between Kratos and Baldur. They are desperate to know the story behind the return of Kratos and Atreos. The new game is much expected to arrive in 2022 or 2023, though.

Is the release delayed?

Source: YouTube

It doesn’t look like the release will be delayed. Perhaps, looking at the condition of the world right now where coronavirus has spread like a pandemic, anything might happen.

The director on the other side hasn’t released any statement in the favour or against the release.

It is getting exciting, controversial, delaying and what not.

Or is it waiting for PS5 Launch?

Sony has confirmed that PS5 will release somewhere around October or December 2020. And they will not be held back due to coronavirus. The launch will take place as it has been for previous versions too. Therefore, the God of War 5 isn’t waiting for the PS5 launch.

We have leaked images of what PS5 looks like and its official name all over the Internet.

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