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Elite Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Why Did She Keep All The Murder Suspects In The Same Room When She Was Questioning Them?


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The whole of Las Encinas is now filled with drama mystery murder and lots of riches. So we can proudly say just to another two years of fun at Las Encinas.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see the elite of Spain once again on screen. The elite youth of the school are the highlights of the series.

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Here are some interesting facts that you need to know about Las Encinas.

Is there a fourth season?

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El Espanol has left us informed with the news that the series has been renewed for another two seasons, which means another two years of drama and Mystery.

Who will be there?

Unfortunate for fans, not all characters from Elite season 3 will be returning to season 4. All we all know, polo was accidentally killed by lu will not be coming back this season.

With each of them choosing their new and own way, the story might get distracted change from its current track.

Since most of the characters are graduating this year, there might be a new set of the cast. Only repeating year students like, Samu, Guzman, and Rebeca will be coming back.

Since there has been no official announcement yet about the cast things can go either way around bring back again cast or an entirely new cast.

What will happen?

New kids are coming up they might show up the new drama, new love, a new mystery and a lot of crazy things which might Trigger the old set and bring them back.

Las Encinas will now be ready for new adventures and of course a lot of lavish things to happen. Along with the investigation for the murder of Lu.

The police of Las Encinas has started to investigate and probe into the case seriously. So let’s hope best for Lu and wish him right if he doesn’t get caught.

Sins season 3 has only happened there will be no news at least for a year from now what least here about the new upcoming season.

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