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Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Who Are We Without Our Memories?


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The Black Mirror is an anthology series that came into existence since 2011. This sci-fi series from Charlie Booker was first telecasted in Channel 4.

Then after the second season, Netflix snapped it. So every audience across the globe were able to enjoy the drama. A piece of good news is that after having many tricky situations, the makers aren’t done, so it means there is going to be the sixth season.

When is season 6 of the Black Mirror?

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There is no news from the makers or from Netflix regarding the release date of the series. Even there could not be a guess because the last season was in June. The earlier ones were released in June, October, December.  So it’s hard to make some good guess.

Who is the cast of this season?

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Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones have written the show. An interesting characteristic of the drama is that every season will have a new set of cast. Sometimes we can make a good guess but sometimes not.

Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie and Bryce Dallas Howard have made the series at an international level. So in the sixth season, there will be many huge celebrities joining hands with the team.

What is gonna happen in this season?

Source: variety.com

Black Mirror is an anthology based drama. It shows the connection between the technology, individual and the globe. The baseline of the story really makes us think a lot. It makes us pose questions on ourselves, the world, and what will be the future? When it comes to the future, it poses a different turn.

It about the whole world and what’s gonna be our part in it. We are not sure what the makers have got us for this season. Because they have kept everything in a wrapped state. But one sure thing is that the storyline would always remain the same.

We have to wait until there is some official announcement from the team or from Netflix.

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