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Ares Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far


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Its the different kind of horror, the one which is not liked by many and disliked by most. Yes, we are talking about Ares- that new horror show on Netflix. Yes! This is the ‘HereditaryMidsommar or Suspiria’ kind of fear. What we call this horror is a dystopian secret society or cult horror. Not so dystopian; as all of the things have been happening from way too long and are happening even now.

Ares involves all the things like knives, goats, and salt and that are just some of the things you need to be familiar with to watch such kind of horror.

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Netflix exclusively filmed this Dutch series, Ares for its audience.
Ares follows the story of Rosa, a student who gets introduced to a secret society and finds out about supernatural stuff going on in the club.

There are eight half an hour episodes for the viewers full of violence, gore, mystery and drama that horror fans crave for.

Ares Season 2 Release Date

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We don’t have a release date yet, but our best guess would be early 2021 as the first season has just dropped in January 2020. So the eight-episode shoot might come sooner or later, but it would scare us for sure.

Ares Season 2 Cast

Ares season 1 had Jade Olieberg as Rosa, along with Tobias Kersloot as Jacob Wessels, Lisa Smit as Carmen Zwanenburg, and Robin Boiseevain as Roderick Van Hall in the main cast.

Jade Olieberg would be back to reprise her role as Rosa.

What’s new in the plot?

As the series gets more complicated, the protagonist of the story gets more involved in the shady practices of the group and comes across various bloody things she would never have imagined. The story of Rosa and her father would also make some way for future episodes.

To know more about the topic, click here.

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