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Aquaman 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And How Did David’s Knife Hurt Arthur?


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The marine king Aquaman is planning its sequel even though the world is super concerned over COVID-19 outbreak. Yes, James Wan is working back as a director for the  Aquaman 2, and it’s likely to release as per its planned release date.

Aquaman 2 will be coming after a long time after its first release on the big screen. And hopefully, if it doesn’t get affected like the other projects then here’s what it will bring for you.

When is Aquaman 2 set to release?

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With almost about a four-year gap between the first Aquaman and the second release of it, Aquaman 2 is planned to have a release on 16th September 2022. Yes, neither this year nor next year, it’s arriving on the big screen in 2022.

Who’s to star as the cast of Aquaman 2?

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Atlantis king Jason Momoa is reprising his role back in the sequel of Aquaman. Joining him could be Amber Heard (Mera), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta), Dolph Lundgren (Nereus), Nicole Kidman (Atlanna), and Willem Dafoe (Nuidus Vulko).

What’s the plot and trailer for Aquaman 2?

Black Manta didn’t die in the initial Aquaman movie and no doubt an injured enemy is always expected to come back to take revenge. So back again, Black Manta would be coming against Arthur. No trailer though to see.

How did David’s knife hurt Arthur?  

After being with two generations, David inherited the Manta knife after becoming Black Manta. However, Aquaman isn’t somebody to get harmed with a knife so easily, yet it happened, and that probably means that Manta knife or David’s grandfather’s knife did have some connection with Aquaman’s weakness.

Also, it might be possible that during two of the fights before with Aquaman, Black Manta have had stabbed him twice in the same place. And that’s it got easier to hurt him.

Although there’s no exact reason known, we might get to know of it soon with a sequel of Aquaman.

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