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American Gods Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Everything We Know So Far


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Neil Gaiman, the British author, gave out the best selling novel in the early 20s as American Gods. The novel had a unique storyline, including the immigrants who brought their gods with them for several thousand years. Also, the new era gods and those old ones come face to face on the battlefield.

The novel however inspired Neil to bring a series out of it as we had on Starz and Amazon’s American Gods. Two seasons by now of the TV series by Neil and yet viewers are looking forward to the third season of it. So, here we’ve brought some news about the American Gods season 3.

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When is American Gods season 3 releasing?

Back in march last year we had season 2 of American Gods, as such, we are supposed to have the third season this year. But, not early of this year and if COVID-19 outbreak is to delay that then maybe next year for a season 3 of American Gods.

Who’s to star as the cast in American Gods season 3?

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Ricky Whittle ( Shadow Moon), Ian McShane (Odin/Mr Wednesday), Emily Browning (Laura Moon), Crispin Glover (Mr World), are expected back in season 3 of American Gods. Also, Marilyn Manson is joining the cast.

What’s the plot and trailer for American Gods season 3?

No trailer by now but the TV series is now supposed to move into a different direction than what we had in Neil’s novel. So, you can’t expect something you read in the novel. Also, there’s not much revelation about the plot so can’t be exact about it by now.

Everything we know so far

Neil has got a new showrunner for season 3 of American Gods, and it’s going to be Charles “Chic” Eglee of The Walking Dead. So, I hope that will bring something new too for season 3. Rest all you can know when we get some more information. Until then, keep waiting.

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