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God Of War 5 Release Date, What Should You Know About Storymode, Controls, Gameplay And Kratos And Kratos Is At War With The Jotunns?


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A follow-up to the PlayStation 4 reboot of the iconic God of War series has now been all but confirmed by the game’s creative director, Cory Barlog. The rumoured God of War 5 release has yet to be announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, but Barlog has been candid about his many ideas for the potential sequel

The plot of God of War 5:

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Based on what we know already, God of War 5 will be a direct continuation of the 2019 release. It seems Dad and Boy will still be in the Norse realm for Round Two, especially after what we learn about Atreus at the very end of God of War.

Odds are, Kratos and Atreus will visit the three Norse realms we didn’t get to check out in the first game: Svartalfheim, Asgard, and Vanaheim. The final world is home to Freya and the Vanir, the seat of the “old magic” referenced throughout the first game. It could be the setting where Kratos and Atreus experience flashbacks and memories of Faye or learn more about her past.

Release date of God of War 5:

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This is all speculation until SIE, and Santa Monica reveal their plans for the series, but that might not be for quite a while.

Sony Santa Monica hasn’t officially confirmed God of War 2 (or whatever the name will be) is in the works. Still, we expect that a sequel won’t release until after the “Holiday 2020” release of the PS5 – unless it releases as a launch title for the next-generation console.

That means the game will probably release at the end of 2020 or at the start of 2021. Either way, we’re expecting God of War 2 will be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Atreus isn’t a boy anymore:

The God of War sequel may continue on directly from the events of the previous game. However, we think it would be more interesting to see how a teenage Atreus and grumpy dad Kratos fair on an adventure.

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