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God of War 5 Release Date, Storymode And How Are The Graphics And Gameplay And This Time Kratos And Jutan Will Fight


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God of War 5 released on 20th of April in 2018, for the PlayStation 4 (PS4). God of War series comes in with 8th instalment in total!

David Jaffee creates it at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

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God Of War is in its development process, and its release was confirmed even before the God Of War PS4 released.

Here are the in-depth details about God of War 5.

God of War 5 – Release Date

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The game developer behind the project has not revealed any official moves on the game yet.

Cory Barlog stating the game would take another five years to make it to your screens as last part in 2018 decided.

On late of 2022 or early 2023, the new game is expected to arrive!

God of War 5 – Story mode

In the previous season, the main focus was given to battle between Kartos and Baldur with Baldur’s demise.

Baldur is the son Freya, and she took an act of revenge on over both Atreus and Kartos, and we will see her in God Of War 5.

More details regarding the game are yet to be released! Stay tuned for more future updates!

God of War 5 – How are the Gameplay and Graphics?

Although there is no such confirmation, it was revealed regarding the new Gameplay and Graphics for the game!

We may get to see improvement in Gameplay and Graphics in God of War 5 for sure!

God of War 5 – Will we see a fight between Kratos and Jutan?

And the players still expect the game to be a step ahead. The God of War 5 will be redder. The plot would take much longer this time as Kratos meets Odin/ Thor.

Although there are a lot of aspects to be confirmed! So, be active on our site for more future updates!

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