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The Society Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, What Leaks A Fan Need To Know [Spoilers Alert]


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The all-new American mystery drama web television series; The Society Season 2 is all set to arrive in Netflix. Here are the details on Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer for the Society Season 2.

The Society Season 1 made a huge hit and also the series took our hearts away with its exciting scripting acting and visuals! Also, After its release, fans started demanding for its second season as well!

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After that, the series has been all set come with its second season!

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The Society Season 2 – Release Date

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There is confirmation given regarding the release for the Society Season 2. But, if we go according to sources, it is said that Society Season 2 may arrive in half of 2020.

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The Society Season 2 – Cast

If we talk about the cast members for the new movie! Few rumours strongly suggest that we will see all of the first season cast members return for the next season as well.

Talking about the society season 1; the cast members include actors like ack Mulhern as Gareth “Grizz” Visser, Spencer House as Clark.

Emilio Garcia-Sanchez as Jason, Salena Qureshi as Bean, Olivia Nikkanen as Gwen, Kiara Pichardo as Madison.

Grace Victoria Cox as Lexie, Naomi Oliver as Olivia, Kelly Rose Golden as Marnie, Matisse Rose as Jessica.

Alicia Crowder as Erika, Benjamin Breault as Blake, Damon J. Gillespie as Mickey, Peter Donahue as Shoe.

Seth Meriwether as Greg Dewey, Madeline Logan as Gretchen and Dante Rodrigues as Zane.

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The Society Season 2 – Plot

In the Society Season 1; We saw sequels related to how people were getting vanished from their area and this mystery was found by a group of teenagers in the city.

Also, they were cut-off from the entire world with no internet connection.

Therefore, In Society Season 2; We may get to see that more secrets would be revealed and the consequences for their decisions made would be worth watching.

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The Society Season 2 – Trailer

The trailer for Society Season 2 hasn’t revealed yet! But, few sources say that we will get to see the trailer coming soon!

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Stay tuned to PopCultureTimes for more updates on Society Season 2. 

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