Best Ways to Monitor Your Kids Activities Using Technology

How To Monitor Your Close Friends Mobile Activity

Sometimes to monitor your kids activities appear difficult and intrusive. If you look at the statistics, most of the teens have to say that, they could change their activities online if adults or parents were monitoring them. Today, it has become really very important for the parents to check their children activity in this digital world.

Cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other dangerous challenges have targeted kids online. It becomes very important to look at some specific software or tool that will help you make this task simple, by setting up the parental controls for their device, and installing the monitoring software.

When we checked the internet for the top monitoring tools, Mobile Fence review was quite satisfactory. It is one of the powerful toolsand has a lot of amazing and useful features. Mobile Fence software is the best parental control solutions at present. Let us check out the right ways to monitor your kid’s activities using latest technology.

Monitoring activities online must be regular process

If you think that by preventing your kid from making the Facebook account can put end to their strong habit of using the social media platforms? You are totally wrong. They may likely try and find other social website for their communication. There are some social media websites that are safer and appropriate for kids than others.

There’re a lot of parents who generally allow the kids to join Twitter, Instagram or other websites to pursue their hobbies or interests. However, information about much time your child spends on the smartphone all along with the apps activity &SMS will be gathered in the monitoring application reports. The parents will have view these reports &set rules for the kid’s device usage.

Make them involvein different activities

Finding different things and not letting them to get attached to the screen will seem a bit challenging sometimes. But, playing outside, puzzles building, family board game, painting and coloring, or reading are some amazing activities that your children may engage in their free time. Helping in cooking or house cleaning activities is one best method you can keep your kids busy when teaching them important life skill.

Make your teen aware about online safety

You need to talk to your kid regularly on what they watch or read online. Having one off conversation isn’t enough. You must speak to them about latest trends online so they know you are totally aware of what’s happening in the internet world.

Monitoring by age

Different age group might need different set level of monitoring. However, there are a few things that will stay same irrespective of your child age. For example, all computers must be at the central area of house &no phones permitted in bed room beyond some hour. Parents will even do the spot check on the child’s devices.

Making use of the parental control software is one best way to monitor kids online. There’re many amazing options for this like Mobile Fence etc. To start m making use of this app, you have to download this app from the Google Play Store. Open your app to create the parental account. And log in &link your mobile phone to Mobile Fence application.

Technology not allowed

You may set technology “limit” areas in your dining room or car. Make this one important rule of your house that use of the digital devices is totally off limits in such areas. This can help everybody to be there in the moment &eventually will become the natural habit for kids. This habit will go a very long way and even reduce the odds of your kid texting when driving when in their teenage &adult years.

Wrap Up

There’re a lot of technologies and tools that will help the parents to set proper limit on their children’s activities and exposure to seedier side of digital world. Majority of the solutions are not perfect, however, they must help to restrict exposure to objectionable kinds of content – hopefully put up right barrier to keep children from trying very hard to evade it. Keep in mind, doesn’t matter how you monitor the kids’ activities online, your goal with time is to become the good digital citizens.

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