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God of War 5 Release Date, Storymode And Will The Spartan Flame Make A Return?


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Do you want to talk about the news related to God of War 5?
Well, there is a lot to talk about it as we tell you Sony Santa Monica is going to appear in the next series of God of War.
Before the release of the PS4 God of War, it was confirmed that the new God of War would be coming, but it is under development right now.

The camera angle and story everything was redesigned in the PS4.
Kartos stepped into Norse Mythology after stepping out from Greek roots.

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Single-player story games are going to be the focus of Sony.

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The company is giving the push to Sony Santa Monica to release the game on PS4 which will take longer to release and will take much time to develop it.

The Release of God of War 5.

The God of war 5 was not announced in E3 2019, but we are sure that it may get announced in E3 2020.
Playstation 5 was expected to get teased or announced at PlayStation experience in 2019, Sony is skipping E3 2019 which may put a lot of hype on PSX 2019.

However, the release of God of War is set somewhere in the mid of 2021, and the trailer announcement may come at the end of 2020.

The storyline of God of War 5

Kartos will be continuing his journey with Atreus from where he left off in God of War PS4.
Freya is not happy with Kartos killing her son Baldur, this gives reason to Odin, the father to come after Kratos and Atrus.

The main characters which can be the main villains are expected to be Thor, Freya, Odin apart from them there will be more enemies, but we need to wait for long to know until the game appears.

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