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The Last Kingdom Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Where Will Be Uhtred And Hild?


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Shield walls at the ready! Yes, that is right. This historical drama of Netflix is back for season four.

The show takes its basis from Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories novel series.

The release date:

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 The official twitter page of the show back in December 2018 confirmed the renewal.

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In April 2019, Netflix confirmed that filming is underway for the ten episodes. In July 2019, the Instagram page extended an invite to the fans to “join Uhtred next year on Netflix as the battle continues”.

Considering all this, it looks like the show will release in 2020.

About The Last Kingdom:

This show takes place in the 9th century AD. Every season shows the events from two books. The protagonist, aka, the hero is Uhtred, son of Uhtre. He is a Saxon boy, brought up by Danes. The Danes capture him and take the decision to raise him as their own.

Although Uhtred later betrays them. The Danes believe that he kills his adoptive father. He is the Danish warlord Ragnar, the Elder. Uhtred is then forced to travel to Wessex, the only one of the seven kingdoms that aren’t in Danish control.

Once he gets there, he offers his assistance. This is inclusive of the knowledge that he holds of the Danes’ battle strategies. He offers this to the Wessex king, Alfred.

The cast and the plot:

The Pagan Lord, the book published in 2013 and the next book is to jump a decade. If Netflix sticks to the timeline, new actors could be in the books. This could include Uhtred’s children by Gisela, all grown in the books.

Alexander Dreymon will be back as Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Because of the alliances between the kingdoms fractured, he believes the timing is now right to challenge his uncle Aelfric, portrayed by Joseph Millson.

Ian Hart (Father Beocca), Toby Regbo (Aethelred), Emily Cox (Brida), Timothy Innes (Kind Edward), Eliza Butterworth (Aelswith), Mark Rowley (Finan), Millie Brady (Aethelflaed), Magnus Bruun (Cnut) and Jeppe Beck Laursen (Hasten). They all will be back.

Netflix confirms that Stefanie Martini will join the cast as Eadith, “Aethelred’s new love conquest”.

Jamie Blackley is to play Aethelred’s new right-hand man Eardwulf.


There is none, but there are BTS pictures for us to enjoy.

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