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1909 Version Of Window 10 Hits The 15% Usage Shares


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It’s a “download and install now option” for all the PCs. Microsoft invented this Windows 10 1909 version liberally.
But it’s not yet ready yet!! Pay heeds to its features before installing it. It still needs that fine polishing, but it seems to be progressing well.

1903 turns to 1909 with one click!!

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Microsoft did refer to an enablement package. It’s not an ordinary establishment. It turns 1903 installation to 1909 bits by bits. The 1909 upgradation is no less than a mitochondrion for the 1903 version.
You simply need to plugin.

They share a common core!

Windows 10, versions 1909 and 1903, share a common core operating system with an identical set of system files. The 1909 newly updated features are in a dormant state until we plug into the enablement package.
Enablement package refers to a small, quick to install a master switch that activates the Windows 10 version, 1909 features.

The journey from 1903 to 1909

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The genteel gateway is the key!
The ongoing procedure is as follows-
Start > Settings > Update & Security after you install this month’s Win10 1903 cumulative update, KB 4524570.
Abbodi confirms, Download and install now” link will only appear after a Win10 1903 Pro machine has gone beyond its “feature update deferral” setting. So for those using Win10 1903 Pro, you won’t even see the “Download and install now” link until the specified number of days have passed.”

Machines with identified incompatibilities, either software or hardware, won’t be able to get the “Download and install now” link.
A piece of noteworthy information – the “enablement package” is available in WSUS and SCCM.

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