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Fortnite Is Shutting Down? What Item You Can Find In Shop?


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Developed by Epic Games and released in 2017, Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time bagging a whopping sum of 5 billion dollars in its period. Quite similar to that of Pubg that has become a global sensation worldwide. Therefore, its market has fallen in recent times due to PubG. Moreover, after the release of Call of Duty mobile the franchise has seen a steep fall.

It is free to play and still has got a fanbase too. The survival profits mainly come due to constant production and user-friendly ability to customize the game and purchase their own weapons, emotions and accessories.

Have you heard about the Fortnite Item shop?

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Source: forbes.com

We already know that products can be purchased using V-bucks, which you can buy for their console on the corresponding website. 1,000 V-Bucks stands for £7.99.

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You will get any Talons and Snowblades today, all at v800. And, the Inverted Blade or Quickstrike at v500 each. While an Oracle Axe at v1,200 for marginally more money. Or the new Mellow Days Lobby Record for v200.

Is the Fortnite shutting down?

Source: epicgames.com

After a prank website called React2424 made a post, rumors began and spread like wildfire that Fortnite will shut down. Though there is no official confirmation right now. The game is making quite a profit. We know that the profit margin has decreased significantly but still.

And moreover, Epic Games have announced a new season after the current season ends on the 20th of February.

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