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AMD Is Testing Supercharged Graphics Card [Nvidia Killer]


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It is no too late to say, the people have much evolved for a super-fast kind of thing in all sorts of luxurious elements. By the way, virtuality games or professional 3D editing, everything moves on the graphics. In the list, AMD, and Nvidia are on the top, competing for the speed and the all the effects that the users could wish for. 

And now, AMD is rumored to be testing its latest supercharged graphics card ‘Big Navi,’ which is expressed as the ‘Nvidia killer.’ CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, recently confirmed the graphic card would be soon out in 2020. And the rumors also say the wait is no longer. The users can experience it very soon after the launch in June. 

What’s So Special About Big Navi?

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As far as the rumors in the forums say, the Big Navi will be either called Navi 21 GPU, or the Radeon RX5950 would work on an entirely new design that the past cards haven’t seen. 

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The design will have RDNA2 architecture, which consists of 80 compute units (CUs) or 5120 stream processors, which is twice as good as AMD’s RX 5700, which had 40 CUs. the card also supports the option of ray tracing, making it first AMD to do so. 

It is also rumored to have these specifications, 

  • variable-rate shading, 
  • mixed-precision compute improvement, 
  • better caches, 
  • higher instructions per clock and 
  • advanced voltage regulation

And when these rumors come true, the card is sure to hit away all its opponents and could also be around 30% faster than the Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, which is way far the best Graphic card. And also, the nickname shall be valid. There ‘s also a rumor up for Nvidia coming up with a supercharged graphics card in 2020. 

So let’s hope the testing will be a success, and AMD outs it soon for all the fans around.

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