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Resident Evil TV Show Release Date, Cast, Plot And The New Conspiracy [Revealed]


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After the movie & the video game, Resident Evil is headed to the television. Yes! Netflix is working a scripted series based on the hit franchise.
The production of the series is being handled by Constantin, which is a German production company and has produced the Resident Evil movie franchise.

Since the original release of the Resident Evil game in 1996 on PlayStation 1, the series has evolved mindblowingly. With the action-horror genre, the series went deeper into action for Resident Evil 4. It has been going through and around the genres over the years of the franchise. Experiments with different playstyles can be seen in spinoffs like Resident Evil: Gaiden, Operation: Raccoon City, and Dead Aim.

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Not only the games, but this steered it’s way into movies, starting from 2002, with the 2002’s Resident Evil. Records say it has been the most successful movie franchise based on a video game. From games to movies to anime to energy drinks, Resident Evil is now taking the last seat left by starting a television series.

Live-Action series

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There have been assumptions whether the series will be an Anime or CGI title, but with Constantin Germany handling the movie, it’s sure that the series will be a live-action series. This can be said as Constantin has always produced only live-action series for such titles. Also, the same was recently confirmed.

What’s for the Fans?

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With rumors in the air for the past two years, the series was only a hoax until the recent confirmation.
Fans will have to wait for a little while as the Netflix series has not yet set a release date. The original announcement sounded like the show will deal with the work of the Umbrella Corporation, and the T-Virus would leak out into the world. Also, there has been no confirmation whether the series will be connected to the game or the movie franchise.
But according to the Deadline, the approach will not be from the Umbrella sided story. Unlikely but hopefully, the events of the first season will take place around the Spencer Mansion in the Arklay Mountains.

The cast for the Series

Not even a single cast member’s name is yet out in the news. However, it is expected to be out within the upcoming months.
Once the beginning of the timeline for the series is clear, which characters will be used or not be used, it will also be understood.

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