5 Motivational Movies for Better Writing

5 Motivational Movies for Better Writing

During academic years, you are bombarded with never-ending written tasks that need to be completed within the short timeframes. At this point, you can either ask experts from online essay writer service e.g. SmartWritingService.com for help or try to do everything yourself.

If you choose the second option, you might face the difficulty to find the topic for discussion. Where to take inspiration from? Movies happen to be among the best ever helpers. Let’s say, when you are stuck with essay writing, you’d better watch an inspiring film about writers than check some online games and social media. While speaking about efficiency, watching movies about writers is a more reasonable choice. Seeing someone on the big screen struggling to create their story appeals to the fact that writing is a process. Although there are always some ups and downs, you have to keep going forward.

IN this article, you can check these five entertaining films that provide you with some insightful lessons about writing and the writing process. One film is enough to get motivated for a period needed to write an essay.

Genius (2016)

This can be a great movie for those who don’t know how to write academic essays. Your professor is telling you that you have to edit your text by correcting grammar, structuring the content, and deleting unnecessary sentences. Eventually, you feel like every element is important and you cannot give up on it. If this is your case, then this movie is something you should watch.

In the movie, Verbose writer Thomas Woolf has to deal with many rejections from editors and publishers. They don’t want to publish his book because it is too long and too complicated. At some point, Verbose meets Max Perkins who wants to help the unlucky writer. Apart from writing matters, this story tells us about friendship, professionalism, and arguing. The movie is marked with a relaxing atmosphere that encourages you to write something substantial. If you still don’t feel like creating an essay, but rather like creating a novel, you should try some alternative options. For instance, you can buy essays online from a reliable writing service like WriteMyPaperHub.com.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

The movie is telling us the story of Gil Pender, a famous but unhappy screenwriter, who is struggling to create his first novel. While spending a holiday in Paris, he finds himself traveling back in time and seeing his literary heroes. The movie demonstrates the significance of studying the great writers and poets, as this knowledge can make up the basis for your future piece of work. What’s good is that you will hear a lot of great writing advice thrown by the main and secondary characters. “No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure” – is just one of the numerous observations from Hemingway expressed in the movie.

Howl (2010)

Do you like to write argumentative essays, choose not popular topics, and surprise your professor and classmates with unexpected thoughts? If yes, you need to watch this movie because it narrates the story of one of the most rebel-books ever published in the United States. The movie tells the story of the writer living in a particular time and in a particular society. Howl can be viewed as an embodiment of sexual freedom, eliminating the borders between allowed and forbidden topics. If you want to learn how to reach emotional reactions with your poetry or essays — this movie is the right tool to do that.

Hemingway and Gellhorn (2012)

Hemingway’s wife, Martha Gellhorn, was one of the most famous war correspondents of those times. She started her professional career during the Civil War in Spain, while her further career was led throughout the world. With Hemingway, they had a common interest in war, although this union didn’t last long. Martha left the famous writer to start her own career, which made up the most significant part of her life. It is not just a nice love story, but also a story of two completely different writers. When it comes to Hemingway and Gellhorn, don’t expect to watch a soapy romance. It is quite a tough movie, which will be motivating both for men and women.

Freedom Writers (2007)

The movie tells you the story about a fearless teacher, who despite being a mentor to a divided group of troubled children, motivates them to pursue higher studies despite everything. The movie shows the power of will to follow your goals. Here, you learn how important it is to have a broad overview to become a good writer. The extensive knowledge can build up a basis for you to document your progress.

Have you watched any of these films? Are there any other movies you get inspiration from?

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