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Star Wars: 5 Things Ignored From The Last Jedi


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A Brief about Star Wars Series

 Star Wars series is one of the best and widely known American space media film. After its release, potentially, it became a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon.

This leads to the expansion of this franchise to various other films and media, which also includes television series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions as well. This franchise also holds a Guinness world record for “Most Successful film merchandising Franchise.” In 2018 the total return value for Star wars series came over $65 Billion, which made it be the fifth highest-grossing film of all time.

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The film should have made a considerable amount of views and fans, but there are several questions been raised like “Things which were ignored from the Last Jedi,” many of the star wars fans around the world are so excited to know about this.

Here is everything we know for the question: “Things which were ignored from the Last Jedi.”

Star Wars 5 – Things Ignored from the Last Jedi

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 The things which were ignored from the Last Jedi includes:

That Time No One Helped The Resistance

 The Last Jedi ending takes place when no one comes to help the heroes on Crait.

The Rise of Skywalker was about to end until Lando comes down with a whole armada ready to help him out.

Poe’s character development

Source: gamesradar.com

Poe finds out, The Last Jedi getting a vast majority of the Resistance killed. He fails to understand how poor leadership leads to deaths because of the victory they achieved.

By The Rise of Skywalker, he doesn’t seem massively changed. It his scenes is mostly like Rey’s show. For that time, he didn’t make any dumb decisions like getting everybody eliminated during the first ten minutes.

 Canto Bight

Source: nerdist.com

While Finn and Rose are on Canto Bight, they run into the wealthiest members of the galaxy.

Finn was excited by looking at the casino and all the other fancy luxurious things, but by looking at Finn’s excitement, Rose explains the darkness lying behind, how they got their money.

Rose And Flynn’s Relationship

Finn spends the majority of The Last Jedi with Rose Trico on a mission to find the codebreaker, so that they could deactivate the First Order’s tracking device.

During this adventure for finding the codebreaker, the pairs started to have feelings for each other, which also lead to a relationship culminating in a kiss during the climactic battle on Crait.

Luke’s Lightsaber

Source: slashfilm.com

During The Last Jedi, lightsaber wielded by numerous Skywalkers breaks in a clash between Rey and Ren.

She might have fixed it in between the films, but no one had mentioned this during the runtime for the film, so it is all speculation.

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