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Season 13 of Doctor Who Is Coming? 5 Major Things To Know About Its Future


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Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television program produced by the BBC since 1963.

Does time travel fascinates you? Then you should land in the right place. This show is for you as you’ll get to witness adventures of a Time Lord called “the Doctor,” an extraterrestrial being, to all appearances human, from the planet Gallifrey. The Doctor explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS.

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The show in quite less time has already gained a special place in people’s hearts and has a huge fan base, so no doubt it’s Season 13 will soon be releasing. Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Jodie Whittaker’s Confirmation For A Comeback

Source: tvweb.com

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Jodie Whittaker will return for Doctor who seasons 13. She is an interview, said, “Yes, I’m doing another season,” she said. “That might be a massive exclusive that I’m not supposed to say, but it’s unhelpful for me to say [I don’t know] because it would be a massive lie! [Laughs] I adore it. At some point, these shoes are going to be handed on, but it’s not yet. I’m clinging on tight!”

During the same interview, Whittaker spoke about working with Sacha Dhawan, who was revealed to be playing a new incarnation of The Master during the episode that aired on New Year’s Day. “I loved the work that we got to do together,” she said. “When you have chemistry with your ultimate villain, it’s brilliant.”

“They’ve got a lot of presence on set. When they move in unison, it’s incredible. It’s fascinating.”

Cast Of Doctor Who Season 13

Source: tor.com

Jodie Whittaker, David Tennant, Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh, and Mandip Gill have blessed the show, and with zero chances of doubt, they’ll surely make a comeback.

Talking about the new casting, Chris said, “There are lots of new faces, a few old faces. Some things are trickling through, which might be important. It’s different!”

Release Date Of Doctor Who Season 13

No official dates have been claimed yet regarding the release of the new season, but the filming will soon start after season 12 ends.

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