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Black Adam Air Date, Plot, Trailer , Expectations, New [CAST], Upcoming News


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The film, which awaits a vast number of DC comic book fans, is slowly but surely acquiring a film crew. The script for it is already under development.

The Date When Black Adam Drops :

Source: movieweb.com

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The release date in Russia, the announcement of the actors, the plot and the release of the trailer for the movie “Black Adam” should be expected no earlier than 2020, or even later. However, the trailer might release later this year. Similarly, the movie might be out at the beginning of 2021.

The Members Who’ll Catch Our Eyes:

Fans favourite, Dwayne Johnson and Rana Khalil, will be taking their roles. We do know that  Dwayne Johnson is well known from several movies, and he will play the leading role as Black Adam. So, his participation surely keeps our expectations high. Rana Khalil takes her part as Yasmin.

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There will include several members of the cast. As of now, the studios is tight-lipped, and this is all we could get. However, there will be more characters that will be introduced later on.

Black Adam’s Possible Storyline:

Source: 103cir.com

The Black Adam is well known as it is one of DC’s comic book characters with superpowers. According to it, he was once the prince of Kandak. The hero Shazam gladly chose to make him his successor and transfer magical powers to the prince. However, the daughter of Shazam intervened, who asked the god Seth to give Adam amazing abilities from 6 Egyptian gods.

Therefore, Adam became the hero of Egypt, but he began to drift away from his family. After that, a murder takes place. He loses his wife and children by a certain priest. Thus, Adam seeks revenge on the offender and dooms himself to imprisonment in the amulet. We assume that the movie might follow the plot of the comic.

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