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Hitman Season 1 Air Date, Leaked Trailer, [Spoilers], New Cast And Possibilities


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Hitman is a series that is to be released. It happens to draws inspiration from the video game developed by IO interactive. The plot of this show circles around the adventurous, risky, and dangerous journey of a person. Who is this person? A master assassin who is known only as Agent 47.

The Release Date For Hitman

Source: youtube.com

 Sadly, there is no confirmation by the studio to the official release. Though, speculations predict that it will release in the year of mid-2021.

The Cast For Hitman 

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Unfortunately, there are no official confirmations from the studio on this category too. Though, one can still take a pretty accurate guess what significant characters will be a part of the show. That is if one has played the game.

  • Agent 47 ( the lead as the story revolves around this character)
  •  Diana Burnwood
  •  Agent Carlton Smith
  •  Mei- Ling
  •  Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort- Meyer.

Maybe the actors from the older collections will be the actors for the show. It makes sense, though, it is all up to the studio.

The Plot For Hitman

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Source: youtube.com

One can always expect the series to be full of plot twists.

The master assassin is a storyline that can and will probably will have a humongous number of twists along the seasons and even in one season, or episode.

Hitman is a famous videogame, so one may also expect the right amount of gameplay in season one of the show.

Though it is barely any information, the studio has not released a lot of information as of now.

If and when they will, we will let you know it all. Till then, keep on checking out this space for further future updates by us.

If the show is renewed for more season, then to we will keep at its tale and bring all that information to you.


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