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Lost In Space Season 3 Release Date,Cast, Plot ,Is Dr Smith Locked Up ?


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Dear Space Adventure lovers, the spectacular series “LOST IN SPACE” is going to be back by Netflix. This series of ‘out in space’ brings family drama experiences the ups and downs of the family. It brings together the community as well in an ideal way.

The Release Date :

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Netflix hasn’t announced the third season’s release date. But, we can assume the third season to be out by Dec 2020. The first episode shall soon premiere on our screens.

The Cast :

Molly Parker plays Maureen Robinson will be back for another round. This actress was well known for her acclaimed performances in Deadwood and House of Cards.

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Her husband John is taken up by Toby Stephens. He is famous and best known as the Bond villain in 2002’s Die Another Day.

The other cast members include; Darling of the 1990s indie scene Parker Posey (You’ve Got Mail), gives a sinister turn as the evil June Harris, and the three children are played by Maxwell Jenkins (Sense8), Taylor Russell (Waves; Escape Room) and Mina Sundwall (Freeheld; Maggie’s Plan).

The Plot :

Source: whatson.guide

Lost in Space keenly focuses on the adventures of the Robinson family. The family consists of Maureen, John and their three children – as they go and explore the outer space.

When an alien robot compromises their spaceship, however, they tumble into a wormhole, and the Robinsons must evacuate.

Meanwhile, they must also contend with June Harris, who is a criminal psychopath who poses as the benevolent Dr Smith to ruin their mission.

Season two shows us the family sent to an unknown galaxy by alien technology. They reach a place where the Robinsons had been warned about it being highly dangerous. The series balances twisty sci-fi survival with the comforting vibes of a family drama.

Therefore, Dr Smith is locked up. Later on, he escaped but was caught again.

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