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Ozark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Mystery Behind Darlene’s Baby?


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What is in store for our lovely Bryde family? A question we have been asking since the finale of season two. And now we have the answer to the “when” we will get that answer.

In season two, Marty and Wendy get in bigger problems. And it looks like the downward spiral is going to go on for a few years. That is if director and star Jason Bateman has away in it.

Release date of Ozark season 3:

Jason Bateman was the one which confirmed on Twitter that the show would be coming back for a 10-episode third season. And March 27th, 2020 is the official release of the show.

The cast of Ozark season 3:

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Netflix was the one who announced that Madison Thompson (NCIS: New Orleans) would join the cast as Erin, the teenage daughter of Helen (Janet McTeer) “who gets dragged along to the Ozarks for some mother-daughter bonding that ends where neither expects,” says Deadline.

Tom Pelphrey and Jessica Frances Dukes will be part of the cast as series regulars.

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Joseph Sikora and Felix Solis will feature in recurring roles. While Janet McTeer (plays Helen Pierce) and Lisa Emery (Darlene Snell) are now the series regulars.

The entire Byrde family will return.

The plot of Ozark season 3:

In a conversation for an interview, The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Chris Mundy said some things. He says that the new season will witness Ruth Langmore attempting to get closer to the Byrdes. And that it will see Marty go down more into darkness.

And we will also see that she starts wondering if being a Byrde is the best thing to be.

As for Jason Bateman’s money-laundering: “Marty is on a slippery slope, but he’s not all the way down yet.”

Mundy says that the show will see that Marty and Wendy are struggling with their power dynamic and “dealing with an outside force.” He also confirms that Wendy’s brother “Who we’ve hinted at the first couple years as having some sort of mental illness in the past,” will be part of the cast, and is to cause a stir.

The Byrde family will further be entangling in crime in season two.

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