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Merry Happy Whatever Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Why Was The Holiday’s Episode There?


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Merry Happy Whatever, a show about a family and what they do before and after the holidays, could be back.

It ends with Matt winning the family for Emily. On the other side, a new scene arises with Kayla, her marriage, and her coming out as gay.

The Release Date For Season Two 

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The show does not have an official release date yet. But given the success of the show, it will probably be told soon enough.

The Cast For Season Two 

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The cast of season two will be the same as the cast of season one.

Dennis Quaid, as Don Quinn, the hard and conservative patriarch of the Quinn family and a sheriff in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Bridgit Mendler as Emmy Quinn, Don’s youngest daughter, the one who brings her boyfriend home for the holidays. Morin, as Matt Emmy’sboyfriend, a struggling musician in Los Angeles, shadowed continuously by Don. Ashley Tisdale, as Kayla, Don’s closeted middle daughter, and a person who, in the end, becomes Matt’s friend. Murphy as Patsy, Don’s eldest optimistic, and super excited daughter.

Adam Rose, as Todd, Don’s Jewish son-in-law, and Patsy’s husband, trying to impress Don unsuccessfully. Elizabeth Ho, as Joy Quinn, Don’s daughter-in-law, and Sean’s wife, warns Matt that Don will do anything and everything possible to get him away from Emmy. Hayes MacArthur as Sean Quinn, Don’s recently unemployed son.

The Plot Of The Show 

The show is about a family, specifically, the Quinn family. Don Quinn is a disapproving man. And the story of this family begins the day one of his daughter, Emily, brings home her boyfriend for the holidays. And Matt, the boyfriend, is on a mission. He tries to get the family to approach him.

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