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Harry Potter: Was Draco Malfoy An Evil Character?


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J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is an iconic novel where one could dive and explore the boundless world of magic. Every character has his or her significance and touches the protagonist’s life in his or her way. But when it comes to aspects like Draco Malfoy, we have a lot to say about how he signifies and brings out the magical qualities of the protagonist through his snobbish bigotry and dominating presence. So, shall we consider him an evil character? If we analyze his characterization, we could find many things that could even go against the perception of him being a conventional villain.

 Draco’s Family Influence

Draco’s persona is mostly shaped by his parental influence, especially his father. That is apparent when he starts most of his sentences with “My father…

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Disappointingly, Lucius Malfoy had repulsive views towards the world, and this unavoidably passed on to Draco. Lucius had a belief that half-blood and Muggle-born are inferior to pure-blood, a fact he drilled into Draco’s mind.

His great connections and his status as a rich and influential man overshadowed Draco’s originality. If he said “Mudbloods” weren’t worthy, then perhaps it might be so.

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But at some point in time, that could be Deathly Hallows; we also saw him struck with remorse as he felt his hollow ideals were too pressurizing for his son.

His Rivalry With Harry

ca. 2008 — Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton — Image by © James Dimmock/Corbis Outline

We may forget that at one point, Draco wanted to become friends with Harry. Harry turned down his offer of friendship, choosing two people Draco would never befriend instead:  the poor-but-happy Ron Weasley, and the Muggle-born Hermione Granger.

The rivalry was induced at this moment, and this was increased by Draco’s parent’s attempts to encourage it unabashedly. When Harry became the youngest Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team in a century, Lucius bought the whole Slytherin team new brooms in return for Draco being made Seeker, too. Lucius thought whatever his son could outdo Harry.

His True Character

The exploration of his real character began from the time he was set on the task of killing Dumbledore. Many aspects of his role unfolded. The boy who always held his head high in pride and vanity was unable to perform in his mission.

Though it might come across as a “great honor,” but on more in-depth interrogation, it seemed almost like penance for his father’s failure.  He could hardly have said no to the Dark Lord, and it could have been a chance to shine in his father’s eyes. But despite the deceptive appearance of a calm disposition, Draco was apprehensive.

He started looking upset and unwell. His face grew pale, and he became restless. Harry overheard him crying in the bathroom when things went out of the way. At this point, we felt pity for him as he grew quite helpless. Then, when it came to murder, he couldn’t do it. This told a lot about young Draco Malfoy.

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