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Dark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Mystery Between Elisabeth And Charlotte?


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2017’s sci-fi thriller was indeed a successful one of its kind, and after a break of fewer than two years, it arrived back with its new season. But that was all about the two seasons that fans have already seen. Now its time to look out for more from it. Yes! We are talking about the ‘Dark’ season 3. So, here we answer if its happening or not.

Release Date:

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Although the Dark season 3 is not having an exact release date close speculation details say that  Dark season 3 might have a late June 2020 release. Probably the third season of Dark is to arrive in the last week of June this year.


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More than half of the previous star cast is expected to be back in season 3 of Dark. Apart from that, Louis Hoffman (Jonas), Jordis Triebel (Kathrina), Lisa Vicari (Martha), Mark Waschke ( Noah) are also expected back. More of it will have Barbara Nusse, Hans Diehl, Axel Werner, with cast list being even longer.


A lot is still to take shape for ‘Dark’ season 3, and hence its too early to be exact about its plot and storyline. Although a lot is to come up from Adam as the evil one and other characters among which Elisabeth and Charlotte’s character is to reveal its real connection with each other.

Mystery Of Elisabeth and Charlotte:

The magic is all that defines the Dark series, and hence they never fall short of secrets. One such is related to Elisabeth and Charlotte. Yes, Elisabeth and Charlotte are considered to be each other’s mother and daughter simultaneously. Well, all that can be answered only in the coming season of Dark season 3.

Hence, nothing but waiting for it is all we can do to know about the mysteries of Dark season 3. So till then, keep waiting.

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