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Aquaman 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Where Is Aquaman’s Green Comics Suit?


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Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry swept us off our feet with the saga of underwater adventure. Not much to our surprise, the movie turned out to be the highest-grossing of all times in DC comics outdoing the box-office collection of The Dark Knight.

When is the release date of Aquaman 2?

Warner Bros. has officially announced the release date which is 16 December 2022. This probably means that the sequel would surface four years later after its debut though we must be ready for any change.

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“It’s all mapped out,” Momoa recently told Radio Times “But I wouldn’t say they’ve got the final script just yet.”

The filming will most likely kick-off next year.

Who has been the cast of Aquaman 2?

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Though the official confirmation of the cast has not been done by Warner Bros., the core cast that included Jason Mamoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera) and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta) may likely return.

Despite any assurance on the front of the cast, Ocean Master as Orm has told The Hollywood Reporter that he is slightly updated on Orm related matter and thinks the onus lies on the shoulders of James Wan.

What will be the plot of Aquaman 2?

The approaching sequel would bring Blank Manta with rage and a sense of vengeance against Arthur for his unlawful actions. With the first film showing the genesis of the classic villain, there is a high chance for the sequel to unfold his full powers as Aquaman’s arch-nemesis with more than 50 years worth of comics history to look to for inspiration.

“I can tell you that [James Wan’s] concepts for Aquaman 2 are pushing it even further,” teased Wilson.

Where is Aquaman’s green comics suit?

DC Comics is highly recognised for its well-suited superheroes. From Superman’s cape and oversised “S” to Wonder Woman’s gauntlets and crown, they steal the show not just by their daredevil stunts but their appearance too.

It took enormous effort by James Wan to create an outlook and attire for Aquaman. The green and orange suit went through a lot of designing to justify the character. We may recollect Mamoa donned in a green and orange suit and holding his iconic trident at the end of the movie’s second trailer. The revelation was massive as the suit in the ensemble Justice League was more toned down and dull. The green and yellow tint of the suit was looking nothing more than his signature apparel in the comics.

The adoption of green and orange suit for Aquaman was so major a decision that the crew was overwhelmed to assume it would be the final shot of the movie where Jason (Arthur Curry) had eventually embraced the throne which has long been rejected by him.

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