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Venom 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Find Out Much More About The Future


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Marvel Cinematic Universe is a giant of Box Office, it has given many great movies since 2008, and now we can see that Marvel has started the fourth phase with the Black Widow trailer.

As in the trailer, we can see the story of that character is running just after the Civil War, and that story was before Infinity War. We can see Scarlett Johnson once again in those tight Black Widow outfits.

Release Date

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According to Marvel Studios, the sequel of the movie can arrive on 2nd October 2020. Fans are eagerly waiting for the second part as the first season was unable to satisfy the expectations of viewers and comics fans.

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The new movie can make fans happy with the original story of Carnage, and we are still in a dilemma about the origin of Eddie Broke’s Venom. We are waiting to see the entry of Venom in the Spider-Man universe.

What’s New: Crossover of Spider-Man

As Venom belongs to Spider-Man Universe, so we can hope for a crossover between Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom. These two Toms can come together on a screen.

Fans are eagerly waiting for Spider-Man and Venom to share the screen as these two characters shared the screen in past movies of Spider-Man, where we could see Eddie Broke and Peter Parker as a photographer of the same newspaper.


This movie is unimaginable without Tom Hardy and his character Eddie Broke. Tom Hardy nailed his role. Michelle Williams will also return for the second part of this movie as the ex-wife of Eddie Broke. She is going to play the character of Anne Weying.

Venom is a Marvel comics character that was first introduced in the Spider-Man universe. This character was first launched in Sony’s Spider-Man, where it was unable to leave an impact. In 2018 we could see a solo movie of nature where Tom Hardy played the lead role, and that movie was also unable to give good business.

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