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Manifest Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, What Is The Common Blood Marker?


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The supernatural drama Manifest streamed on NBC in 2018 has managed to earn the title of one of the top-rated NBC shows in very less time. After winning the hearts of the audience with its first season Manifest is back with another season and here we have all details of season 2 for you.

Manifest Season 2 Release date

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Manifest Season 2 will be aired on January 6, 2020, at 10 pm. This season will consist of 13 episodes and rest all episodes will be aired every Monday on the same time slot. The season will wrap up by March 2020.

Manifest Season 2 Cast

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There are some more characters introduced to the Manifest family this year. Yasha Jackson as Suzzanne, who is a dean at Astoria University and Ben’s Ex-girlfriend. Garrett Wareing as TJ Morrison, a university freshman and a fellow flight 828 passenger whom Ben takes under his wings.

Captain Bowers, may or may not be Michaela’s new companion, he may also have ties to the hate group that left red Xs on passengers’ house in season 1.

Manifest Season 2 Plot

For Ben, season 2 is going to be all about saving his family while preparing for the worst to come and also trying to come to grips with his impending date. “He’s going to start making preparations for his family, for the ones that are going to be left behind but he is not going to accept it fully.

So that’s going to launch him on this feverish journey to find a way to stop that death date and also find an answer to what happened to them on that plane.” Josh Dallas said.

What Is The Common Blood Marker?

As we all know in the first season Saanvi while discovering the reason for passengers calling discovers a blood marker on her brain and she realizes that she did not have a blood marker before and that this has appeared after she visited the plane. Later she discovered that all the passengers’ from that plane also have the same blood marker.

Well, Channels’ latest Instagram post was captioned as “We’re going to learn a lot about the blood marker Saanvi found…#Manifest” so now we all know that the mystery of this blood marker will be revealed in season 2 and every one of us is even more excited to see season 2 now.

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