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Dark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Where Is Martha?


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Dark Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Where is Martha?


Dark Season is officially confirmed for release of coming new instalment of the series and will be soon coming in Netflix.

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This may be good news for fans but with that Netflix also came up with bad news for the fans that Dark Season 3 will be the last season for the series.


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Dark Season 3 – Release Date



Thou, Dark Season 3 is confirmed and it is happening for sure.Till now, there is no official date announcement about the official release date for the upcoming new instalment.

The showrunner of the series, Odar gave a hint regarding the new instalment of the series that the upcoming new season will be coming in mids of 2020.

If we see their schedule for dropping off their seasons, the last season was dropped on June of 2019. So if we look at the release date of the third season it may release in June of 2020.



Dark Season 3 – Casting


If we talk about the cast of upcoming series, it’s been confirmed that all of the cast members in the second season will be returning back in the third season as well.

People returning back in season 3 are Jonas Kahnwald, 2052 Jonas, Franziska Doppler, Noah, Martha Nielsen, Bartosz Tiedemann Katharina Nielsen, and Charlotte Doppler.



Dark Season 3 – Plot


Season 2 ended up with a cliffhanger and a mind-boggling twist, where we saw that there is a Dark World in the alternative reality.

Dark Season 3 will also be about the existence of the alternative Dark world.



Where Is Martha?


This was a major question arisen after arrival Dead season 2.

As per Dark Rules Martha should be dead by the second season itself where she was shot down by Adam.

But after few scenes of Dead season 2, a black-clad, bang-sporting Martha comes up to Help Jonas from the imminent apocalypse.

She takes out a brass device, which can be a time machine as well!! and she also says that she is from another dimension.



More about Dark Season 3.

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