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Killing Eve Season 3: Are Eve And Niko Still Together?


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Spies buck up as another mysterious and hard to decipher psychopathic intentions are chasing you. We were certain that season 3 of the show would soon appear.

At least, we forgot, season two ended with dramatic cliffhangers which left the audience craving answers. It was certain that season 3 would roll on as the show had an incredible fanfare across the UK and across the pond, and ratings, as we all know, are king. Or indeed, a queen.

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The third season also has a brand new runner that reinforced the tradition of a new head writer of every season. “I’m very excited that the Killing Eve baton is being passed onto another incredible writer for season three,” said executive producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Heathcote who contributed to the writing team of Fear the Walking Dead’s, the well-acknowledged third season will overtake the showrunner for season 2.

When is the airing date?

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One of the concerns for the fanbase in the UK was a huge gap between the airing in the US and the same in the UK. Since it happened with season one and two, most likely the same goes for the third season.

What will be the plot of Killing Eve third season? 

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Predictions are yet to be justified as the show is already misaligned with the books- whether it’s gender-switching, inventing completely new-ones, canon relationships, the show is its own beast.

The second season showrunner spoke earlier to Hollywood Reporter about whether season 4 will satiate our desires to deliver Elizabeth and Villanelle’s tag team.

“As a writer and as someone who’s obsessed with the show in general and with Jodie and Sandra and their electric chemistry, of course, we all want them to do a Bonnie and Clyde and a sort of Natural Born Killers and go on a rampage wearing couture,” he said.

We shouldn’t expect Eve getting killed which was a massive cliffhanger as Sally Woodward denoted that the show must not be taken grimly as per its title.

“It is called Killing Eve, but also Eve is all women, so what does that mean? Who knows?”

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