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When Is Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Coming To Netflix, Interesting Facts, Cast and Everything Else You Should Know


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It’s official, Netflix’s stand-alone crime drama, Narcos: Mexico has been renewed for a second season.

Tracing the advent of the Guadalajara drug cartel in the ’80s Mexico, the show was meant to be the Fourth Season of Narcos. However, Netflix decided to develop the series as a companion show.

What we know about Narcos: Mexico Season 2 release date

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There is no official air date just yet.

However, José Maria Yaspik, who plays Amado Carillo Fuentes did mention on Instagram that “Febrero”- i.e. February 2020 will see a new set of episodes rolling out.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 Cast

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Following the death of Kiki Camarena, a new DEA agent has been brought in: Walt Breslin played by Scoot McNairy. He was revealed at the end of the finale, having been the narrator throughout the first season.

Of course, there’s Diego Luna who plays the Mexican drug lord Felix Gallardo. Also, Teresa Ruiz as Felix’s girlfriend Isabella Bautista, Tenoch Huerta as Rafael Cara Quintero and Alejandro Edda as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, are among the others who will star in the upcoming season.

About Narcos: Mexico and events from Season 1

The story establishes the birth of the modern Mexican drugs trade. Focused on Felix Gallardo, an ex-cop turned drug lord and Kiki Camarena, a Mexican- American DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent who has been given the task of taking down Felix, Narcos: Mexico has a lot to offer.

The war on drugs resulted out of the abduction, torture and murder of Kiki and in the finale of Season 1, Agent Walt Breslin, a DEA agent played by Scoot McNairy is finally revealed and is placed in charge of bringing together a task force which will bring to justice those responsible for Kiki’s death.

“We knew we were in a war,” he says at the end of the episode. “Now it was our turn. Pretty soon, they were gonna know; they were in one too.”

As we wait for an inevitable war…and a trailer, put on the iconic theme music and play it on repeat!

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