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Marvel Is Going To Reveal Captain America’s Fate In Different MCU Timelines?


Captain America was the first Avenger. And he was a real hero. Marvel broke the heart of many fans when they put a full stop to Captain America’s story by the end. Many went to the theatres anticipating that Steve Rogers will give up his life for the duty he believes in, but he had a different fate. Cap utilised the time travel to go back in time and live a life without troubles before passing his Vibranium shield to Sam Wilson.

Return of Captain America

Fans did not want to say goodbye to our Cap, so they went crazy with all their fan theories. There were many assumptions on his life with Peggy Carter.  Even Marvel insiders were included in this fantasising and affirmed a happily ever after of Captain America. Evans was genuinely done with playing the same character for this many years.

Marvel has already scheduled its movies and projects for upcoming years. And its next project also includes The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Captain as an old man can make an appearance in this. Bill Murray is returning for Ghostbusters 3, and Marvel is also resurrecting Inhumans. Thus we can conclude that Marvel may be investigating the prospect of bringing back the first Avenger.

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There are no sure statements about the return of Captain. Still, we can see him in Disney Plus’s What if …?’  This series will show many from various times, including Peggy Carter, to show how the MCU events will take place in different conditions.

What if..? may show us how the Captain would have lived his life without being stuck in ice for years and other alternate possibilities. But the most probable solution to show Captain America’s life in the timeline he returned to or others is via the flashbacks we can see in other upcoming movies. Chris Evans will play Steve Rogers or not is also a question? Fans will be dying to see him in the uniform too. Let’s see how Marvel fulfils the wishes of fans and admirers of Captain America.

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