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John Legend And Kelly Clarkson Issue A Particular Version Of”Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Later Critics Feels It Promoted Date Seduction


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After the critic said about the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” that the iconic tune raised date rape, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson decided to take and repair it according to the modern times by transforming the lyrics of this old vacation classic.See the source image

On Thursday Legend uploaded his duet with Clarkson on Vevo, also song was made ready for streaming. The song resembles the deluxe edition of his collection known as “A Legendary Christmas.”

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Last year this 1944 tune was criticised as improper and many believed that the lyrics to support date molestation thus labelling it as date rape. Many radio stations pledged not to play the song because of heavy criticism. And remaking of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Legend and Clarkson follows the reaction towards the song.

The crooner issued the Christmas album in combination with a TV special which aired on NBC last year. He posted on Twitter Thursday. “This holiday season, he’s joining more songs to the album, and he’ll also seem in a new exclusive “Christmas Under the Stars” on BYU TV”.

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And now the radio stations don’t have to worry about offending listeners with the song, and they can play the latest version of stars’.See the source image

According to the reports Legend first talked to Vanity Fair about giving the song a new turn and to translate the lyrics he served with “Insecure” star Natasha Rothwell and later recorded it with his companion “Voice” judge Kelly Clarkson.

In the new version the song goes:

Clarkson sings “What will my friends think…” 

“I think they should rejoice,” answers Legend.

“…if I have one more drink?” 

“It’s your body and your choice.” The song goes on…..


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