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Crazy Couple Of Parents Brtually Abondoned Their Own Baby Due To His Rare Skin Colour


The image of parents is always of somebody with a nature of care, love, reverence towards their baby. The case here is different today, that can horrify anyone.
Crazy parents in Turin, Italy left a 4-month-old baby as the infant suffered a rare genetic disorder, “Harlequin ichthyosis“.

The boy with a rare shade made the insane parents resign from their duty to take care.
The situation, when came to human kindness, immediately brought about the infant to a hospital. Now, nurses in the clinic are nourishing to secure the baby’s health. The initiative is taken by the hospital to find those crazy parents.

This news made the public, emotionally attached to the infant and made them approach the hospital to adopt the tot.

The Mutated Lad

The infant born with a disorder, the result of a mutation left the little tot deserted by parents. National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) of Italy assert that infant suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis. The disorder left baby’s thick skin tear and split apart. Also, syndrome left the child with breathing problems, facial deformation. The presence of excessive sodium left the toddler’s body wilted, which mandate excessive water intake.
The reactions of the syndrome can be detected immediately after birth, which made it possible for medics to assure proper care.

Tender Parenthood

Newborn denied by his parents made the populace in sympathy, connect emotionally with him. The infant boy grabs attention from the town and also from different countries too. Parents are approaching the Sant’ Anna hospital for legally adopting him, but they make no response. The hospital primarily is in a task to find those insane parents.

The clinical staff made it clear that the infant is happy and safe, in a statement made a few days ago. The nurses find the boy gullible to play with. The baby boy created a positive environment in the hospital situation is in control and healthy now. For now, inquiries are going on in the matter.

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