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County jail inmate found hanging or strangled in cell, the 14th death this year


Such news comes as a shock to everyone and life is sure much depressing and way more concerning.

Don Jon Ralph, the 14th inmate of San Diego County jail, was found dead this year.

According to the Sheriff’s department, the patient suffered either hanging or strangulation in his cell. The man had a condition of mental illness, according to the reports. The mode of death and evidence finding remains under investigation.

The death of Ralph is one of the many deaths that have been reported in San Diego County jail. It has been ranked 142 since 2009. The San Diego Union-Tribune came to know of the end through a California Public Records Act request that was filed last Thursday.

The announcement of in-custody deaths came to a halt when the Union tribune was responsible for the six-month investigation into local jail deaths. Sheriff Bill Gore announced the end.

The Union-Tribune department is also responsible for reporting all in-custody deaths to the California Department of Justice within ten days. And the Union-Tribune keep a record of current jail deaths by filing requests for such documents.

There is very little information released about Ralph’s death. Neither there were any statements of the relatives nor any information about from the department. The records verify Ralph to be a white male, who was going to turn 30 next month. The place of death, i.e. which jail Ralph died in hasn’t been specified.

Ralph’s death made headlines with “The Dying behind bars” series which published that his custody offence violated Penal Code Sec. 243(d). This stated it as the battery, which caused severe injuries in his body.

San Diego has been under suspects and legal judgments for ten years for lapses in medication. Two Supervisors have also been called for reviewing its operations.

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