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Audience demand more single star stand movies from DC


The massive success of Joker that was released this year has opened up several new avenues for Warner Bros and Detective Comics to explore. It was instead a test project for the studio that has already established a cinematic universe of there own. The studio has never failed to amaze the audience. It has received an enormous amount of love and respect from its fans.See the source image

The character of Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie Joker, was more of a character study. Todd Philips has been able to orchestrate the film very interestingly to portray one of the most recognisable antagonists in history. He has given the character an origin while keeping the Dc mythos and roots intact.

How about a new sequel to the movie Joker?

Joker has been swiped the box office and risen as the movie that has made the maximum profit amongst all R-rated films. There has also been a murmur about a sequel to it. But there is a high chance that there will not be any. Although not confirmed, Warner Bros and DC may be planning on making standalone movies upon individual characters.

In the DC universe, there is no shortage of characters to choose from. It is not necessary that the subject of the movie has to revolve around negative aspects. Anti-heroes and heroes have equal chances of getting featured.
Here are a few possibilities we would love to consider:

A movie upon Lex Luther- if a film is made upon Lex Luther, the political and social references would be a straight arrow through reality.
It would be rather interesting to see it get executed by Warner Bros and DC.

A movie upon Scarecrow – with all the chemical spills and fear-inducing manifestations of Dr.Jonathan Crane, aka scarecrow, would be a perfect horror movie. Owing to the essence of Dc, this dark character could bring about a lot of colours to the studio.

A movie upon Mr Freezer – the story of the scientist Victor Fries is potent enough for a standalone film. This character has not been explored much on screen, but there is a massive scope to do it now. Let us not compromise our faith upon Warner Bros and DC.

This are a few examples, but the list does not end here. We have to wait and watch what comes next!

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