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A Man Brutually Murdered His Own Wife And Stabbed His Younger Baby Girl’s Throat In New York


New York: The news is of 151 West, 121 street in the Harlem section of Manhattan, a 46-year-old man brutally murdered his 42-year-old wife Jennifer Schlecht along with their little Daughter named Abyaynesh Schlecht Tedla and himself too. The name of this lunatic man is recognized as Yonathan Tedla.

The NYPD investigation findings

The New York Police Department reported that they reached the place of crime cum suicide after they had received a call at 9:18 PM, so they came to patrol and found the corpse in their apartment. However, the NYPD has still not been able to decipher the exact timing of this double murder and suicide act. Things started bothering her brother when she did not respond to his multiple phone calls.

All three dead bodies were not found together in one place. The child’s mother was found in the bathroom, following the dead body of her daughter and husband from two different locations.


A slight sight of Jennifer Schlecht’s corpse is horrendous enough to give chills. Brutally targeted on her neck, the lady’s neck rested in her lap because throat-slitting was quite intense, and it almost had detached her head.

What made it too big for the Man to slaughter the existence of their small family? 

Jennifer Schlecht’s father, Kenneth Schlecht, reported that her daughter wanted no more to be with his husband, so she tried to file a divorce against him as she was fed up with his unusual behavior. He further added that she had also been threatened in the past by him, and after that, she made up her mind to get the protection order.

Her daughter’s surname and something more suggests that she was a TRUE FEMINIST

The mother did not remove the surname ‘Schlecht‘ from either her or from her daughter’s name (ABAYNESH SCHLECHT TEDLA).

The lady’s father said that she devoted her entire life to uplifting the lives of women by raising awareness. She was an epitome of humanity who was always concerned about women’s safety.

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