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What happened with designated survivor, cancelled or renewed for season 4?


  • Yes, you heard it right. One of the most awaited series got an official closure. 

It is indeed heart-wrenching for the fans of “Designated Survivor” as Netflix has vetoed its fourth season. Netflix was the only hope for the fans. However, it got shattered. With its unique storyline and an outstanding cast, it deserved a new season. It is still unbelievable, but the fans can’t do anything about it. They’ll have to bear this bitter truth.See the source image

  • Netflix did sigh relief.

All three seasons of the show will be exclusively available at Netflix. Designated Survivor’s first two seasons aired on ABC. After that ABC dropped this series. Netflix came to its rescue. Its season 3 got exclusively aired on Netflix. Season 3 was a treat to its fans as ABC had dropped this series after season 2.

  • The Plot

The plot revolves around the story of a man who becomes the President of the United States because he is the sole survivor in the presidential line of succession. A terrible attack resulted in the killing of the President.

  •  This thriller show seems to be so real that people can connect to it on a completely different level. A special thanks to Thomas Kirkman, who did complete justice with his character. Its as if he was living this character. It’s challenging to term it as acting.
  • Caste

Keither Sutherland as Tom Kirkman, Natascha McElhone as the First Lady of United States,   Adan Canto as Aaron Shore,  Italia Ricci and many others.

The story is not only about the growth of an individual but the whole nation as a whole. This spectacular show did deserve a Season 4 because it’s not just a thriller show, its got a lot more than that.  It is praiseworthy in every way from its uniqueness, its plot, the dedication of the characters to the originality of the play.



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