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Some more unrevealed marvel movies can be confirmed in mcu phase 5


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A juncture of showering presents on its fans!

The Marvel is doing the talking about its upcoming movies and TV series for PHASE 4 of the MCU step by step.

First thing first, in July – List of all the movies and shows revealed, that will be featured but fans have to wait as the given year is 2021. Secondly, It has unveiled 3 additional titles for the streaming service. Thirdly, we all know it, a humongous present to the fans by finalizing the premiere of The Spider-Man 3 in 2021. The first confirmed title for Phase 5 will be BLACK PANTHER 2, May 6th, 2020 which now has been confirmed of course.

What else in the box?

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The Ongoing Projects: It has also been confirmed that the Marvel is working on BLADE, BLACK PANTHER 2, CAPTAIN MARVEL 2, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, FANTASTIC FOUR and X MEN.See the source image


A report by The Hollywood Reporter has stated that it has been confirmed by the makers that Peyton Reed will complete the trilogy. Yes, he is the one who had pulled up the strings of both the previous one also. Although some speculations are being made about Paul Rudd that if the fans get to see him in the third episode as well?

Amen! LONG HAIL THE DEADPOOL!See the source image

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What is dissipating more like a forest fire is a rumor that MCU PHASE 5 might be when DEADPOOL IS RELEASED.  Moreover, a confirmation by Ryan Reynolds has deciphered that he had met with Marvel executives. Which now has now deepened the rumor.

Disney quite a pro in keeping the secrets safe?

A company has been established by the Disney named ‘FINGER GUNS PRODUCTION LLC.’ But isn’t this a matter of suspicion that why such a bone tickling name? I hope you guessed that right!

Fans have to wait as time is still there to open the gate!

Of course, the Deadpool and others will be included in the MCU Phase5 but it still remains as speculation that if it will be released in 2022?



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